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QUICK HITS: Protecting Confidential Information in a Collaborative Setting

Posted in IP Q&A

A few years ago, our firm defended a client against a claim of patent infringement.  As it turned out, our client had disclosed its confidential information to a potential business partner during a pre-collaboration exploratory meeting, which the potential business partner then used to obtain the patent they were asserting.  Luckily, our client had insisted on putting a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in… Continue Reading

Protection against Business and Legal Risks from the iPhone 5s Security Vulnerabilities

Posted in Employment & Personnel Issues, Technology News & Events

The iPhone 5s debuted with a list of new features designed to enhance its users’ experience.[1]  Among the list is Touch ID, a form of biometric security that allows users to lock and unlock their iPhone with their fingerprint.[2]  It was not long before a crowd-funded competition was initiated with $16,000 in cash and prizes… Continue Reading

Trade Secrets: What an investor or acquirer will want to know.

Posted in Technology Transactions, Venture Capital, Private Equity and Other Financings

If you are thinking about raising capital or selling your company, one of the most important questions that the investor or acquirer will want to know is whether you own your IP. One critical part of this is protecting your trade secrets. If you haven’t properly protected your trade secrets, it could kill your deal…. Continue Reading

It’s Critical to Protect Your Proprietary Information

Posted in Development & Commercialization of Technology, Employment & Personnel Issues, Technology Transactions, Venture Capital, Private Equity and Other Financings

Lawsuits against employees and contractors, including consultants, for unauthorized use of a company’s confidential and proprietary information are common. For instance, on July 29, Abunassar Impact Basketball LLC filed suit against a former employee and a company he founded alleging that he “gathered Abunassar’s confidential and proprietary information in order to help start a new… Continue Reading