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What are Moral Rights?

Posted in IP Q&A

The term moral rights in the United States typically refers to the right or ability of creators of certain works of visual art (e.g., paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, and photographs) to control the eventual fate of such works.  In Europe and elsewhere, an artist’s moral rights are much broader and not limited to visual art. … Continue Reading

Financing with IP Collateral

Posted in Biotechnology, Development & Commercialization of Technology, Nanotechnology, Patent Counseling & Strategies, Technology News & Events, Technology Transactions, Venture Capital, Private Equity and Other Financings

In a recent guest post on the Patently-O blog by Dennis Crouch, http://patentlyo.com/, William Mann, an assistant professor of finance at the Anderson School of Management, UCLA, notes the explosion in USPTO filings that record a creditor’s security interest in a patent.  Secured debt can be a significant source of financing for many technology companies,… Continue Reading

API Protection Under Copyright Is Upheld by Federal Circuit

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There has been a lingering, divisive question in the software industry as to whether application programming interfaces (APIs) are entitled to copyright subject matter protection.  Critics argue that this type of source code is functional in nature and, as such, should not be protected by copyright. However, in Oracle America, Inc. v. Google, Inc., CAFA… Continue Reading

Pirates, or Freedom Fighters on the Electronic Frontier, Copyright Changes for the Digital Age?

Posted in Development & Commercialization of Technology, E-Commerce, Employment & Personnel Issues, Intellectual Property Litigation, Technology News & Events, Technology Transactions

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announced this month that they will be engaging with stakeholders through public comments and roundtables to study a variety of policy issues highlighted in the Department of Commerce’s Internet Policy Task Force (IPTF or Task Force) Green Paper, titled “Copyright Policy, Creativity, and Innovation in the Digital Economy.”… Continue Reading