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Major Record Labels file Copyright Suit Against YouTube-MP3.org

Posted in E-Commerce, E-Commerce (Internet Agreements and Issues), Technology News & Events

YouTube is a well-known video sharing website that allows users to view, upload, share, rate, and comment on videos.  Generally, the user streaming the video from YouTube cannot download, copy, or save the video. Stream ripping allows users to save streamed media from websites, such as YouTube.  YouTube-MP3.org provides an online stream ripping service that… Continue Reading

Pirates, or Freedom Fighters on the Electronic Frontier, Copyright Changes for the Digital Age?

Posted in Development & Commercialization of Technology, E-Commerce, Employment & Personnel Issues, Intellectual Property Litigation, Technology News & Events, Technology Transactions

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announced this month that they will be engaging with stakeholders through public comments and roundtables to study a variety of policy issues highlighted in the Department of Commerce’s Internet Policy Task Force (IPTF or Task Force) Green Paper, titled “Copyright Policy, Creativity, and Innovation in the Digital Economy.”… Continue Reading

Patent Troll

Posted in E-Commerce, Patent Counseling & Strategies

(Coauthored by Todd Chen and Justin Ratley) The term “Patent Troll” evokes a certain characteristic storybook image.  James Logan of Personal Audio, LLC may not be that gnarled green monster hiding under a bridge, but to many Podcasters he is a similarly threatening beast.  In January we posted about a suit filed by Personal Audio… Continue Reading